Meme Rewriting Workshop : POWS 2015

POWS 2015 Meme Workshop

One of the most enjoyable parts of the Psychology of Women Section conference was running a meme rewriting workshop. Much like the first one I ran at the Gendered Bodies in Visible Spaces day (which you can read about here) I encouraged people to come along, bring their feminist rage and take it all out on some blank meme templates with a bunch of markers… and much like the first one, I was blessed with a room full of witty, angry feminists who were absolutely ready for some meme subversion! I don’t think that old humourless stereotype quite works somehow?  Continue reading “Meme Rewriting Workshop : POWS 2015”

Meme Rewriting Workshop : #BVis15

Meme Subversion/Rewriting Workshop - #BVis15 Jessica Drakett

On June 25th I was lucky enough to coordinate a meme subversion workshop as part of the Gendered Bodies In Visible Spaces day at Leeds Beckett University – fun for me, and a useful way to trial the session before the Psychology of Women Section (POWS) conference in July! Continue reading “Meme Rewriting Workshop : #BVis15”

ISCHP Conference 2013 – Bradford

Recently it seems all I do is play tourist at conferences! I promise to blog soon about something other than me swanning around getting all inspired and overstimulated, but for now I’m just going to blather on about how much fun I had at the ISCHP conference. Oh, ISCHP is the International Society of Critical Health Psychology, in case you were wondering. And no, my work doesn’t really fall under health but it’s definitely critical, so there. Continue reading “ISCHP Conference 2013 – Bradford”