Meme Rewriting Workshop : POWS 2015

One of the most enjoyable parts of the Psychology of Women Section conference was running a meme rewriting workshop. Much like the first one I ran at the Gendered Bodies in Visible Spaces day (which you can read about here) I encouraged people to come along, bring their feminist rage and take it all out on some blank meme templates with a bunch of markers… and much like the first one, I was blessed with a room full of witty, angry feminists who were absolutely ready for some meme subversion! I don’t think that old humourless stereotype quite works somehow? 

POWS 2015 Meme Workshop

Only a handful of people attended which was a bit of a shame, but I was running at the same time as the marvellous Meg-John Barker’s workshop Cultivating Caring Practices in Feminist/Queer Academia/Activism – I’ll be honest, if I hadn’t been running the meme subversion session I would have totally been in that one! Ah, the curse of POWS… too many things, not enough time. Hopefully cloning will have been sorted out for a future POWS, and then I won’t have to miss anything!

As before, I’ve added a gallery of the memes that came out of this session – click here or on the image below to see the fabulous memes made at POWS 2015.

Meme Rewriting Workshop - POWS 2015

Thanks so much to the POWS conference for having me! And as a parting gift, here’s my absolute favourite meme from the session:


Hehehe… Ahhhh. Love it. Preach Conspiracy Keanu!

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