Meme Rewriting Workshop : POWS 2015

POWS 2015 Meme Workshop

One of the most enjoyable parts of the Psychology of Women Section conference was running a meme rewriting workshop. Much like the first one I ran at the Gendered Bodies in Visible Spaces day (which you can read about here) I encouraged people to come along, bring their feminist rage and take it all out on some blank meme templates with a bunch of markers… and much like the first one, I was blessed with a room full of witty, angry feminists who were absolutely ready for some meme subversion! I don’t think that old humourless stereotype quite works somehow?  Continue reading “Meme Rewriting Workshop : POWS 2015”

POWS Conference 2015

POWS Conference 2015 - Leeds Beckett Psychology

There’s something incredibly energising and refreshing about the annual BPS Psychology of Women Section conference – I always seem to come home feeling on top of the world, like I can tackle whatever annoying bit of thesis work or admin bullshit I’ve been putting off for ages, you know? ANYWAY. If you follow me on Twitter you’ll have no doubt seen me spamming the life out of #powsconf during my time at lovely POWS 2015. Today I want to share some of the highlights of the conference, well, for me anyway – as ever, the programme was almost too good, making for some very difficult choices about which sessions to attend! Continue reading “POWS Conference 2015”

POWS Conference 2014

BPS POWS Conference

After a whirlwind of trains, tubes, taxis and a LOT of sleeping in this weekend, I’m pleased (ish?) to say I’m back from the BPS POWS conference 2014. Three days of fantastic papers, keynotes, workshops and merriment at the beautiful Cumberland Lodge in Windsor? Oh go on then… Continue reading “POWS Conference 2014”

North West Gender Conference 2014

North West Gender Conference 2014

North West Gender Conference 2014

Boom. Another PhD milestone on the road to… erm… I’ll be totally honest with you, I don’t exactly know yet. But I’m having fun, so it doesn’t matter? On Tuesday I was up at 4am and out the door before 6am to attend the North West Gender Conference at Lancaster University. Large, strong coffee was consumed. A lot. Continue reading “North West Gender Conference 2014”

Gatekeepers In Research & Recruiting

Over the last two weeks I’ve had a really good response to my recruitment call for women in IT or women who have left careers in IT. I’m almost at a point where I can start arranging times with some of the women who have been in touch, which is really exciting. I get the feeling it’s possibly going to be a bit hectic, but… nothing’s ever straightforward. Not for me anyway. In addition to feeling excited (and nervous, and giddy, etc. etc.) I’m also feeling very grateful right now. Like, super grateful. Continue reading “Gatekeepers In Research & Recruiting”