Meme Rewriting Workshop : POWS 2015

POWS 2015 Meme Workshop

One of the most enjoyable parts of the Psychology of Women Section conference was running a meme rewriting workshop. Much like the first one I ran at the Gendered Bodies in Visible Spaces day (which you can read about here) I encouraged people to come along, bring their feminist rage and take it all out on some blank meme templates with a bunch of markers… and much like the first one, I was blessed with a room full of witty, angry feminists who were absolutely ready for some meme subversion! I don’t think that old humourless stereotype quite works somehow?  Continue reading “Meme Rewriting Workshop : POWS 2015”

Meme Rewriting Workshop : #BVis15

Meme Subversion/Rewriting Workshop - #BVis15 Jessica Drakett

On June 25th I was lucky enough to coordinate a meme subversion workshop as part of the Gendered Bodies In Visible Spaces day at Leeds Beckett University – fun for me, and a useful way to trial the session before the Psychology of Women Section (POWS) conference in July! Continue reading “Meme Rewriting Workshop : #BVis15”