POWS Conference 2014

BPS POWS Conference

After a whirlwind of trains, tubes, taxis and a LOT of sleeping in this weekend, I’m pleased (ish?) to say I’m back from the BPS POWS conference 2014. Three days of fantastic papers, keynotes, workshops and merriment at the beautiful Cumberland Lodge in Windsor? Oh go on then… Continue reading “POWS Conference 2014”


I was the teenager who stayed behind after school for band practice, choir practice, drama club, to learn an extra language… and somehow, at 25, I still can’t say no when offered extra-curricular gubbins to get stuck into. It’s true, I have a bit of a problem with volunteering. Continue reading “POWS Blog”

ISCHP Conference 2013 – Bradford

Recently it seems all I do is play tourist at conferences! I promise to blog soon about something other than me swanning around getting all inspired and overstimulated, but for now I’m just going to blather on about how much fun I had at the ISCHP conference. Oh, ISCHP is the International Society of Critical Health Psychology, in case you were wondering. And no, my work doesn’t really fall under health but it’s definitely critical, so there. Continue reading “ISCHP Conference 2013 – Bradford”

POWS Conference 2013

Rather strangely, I woke up yesterday morning utterly disappointed to be in my own bed. You see, between Wednesday and Friday I was at the BPS POWS conference at the gorgeous Cumberland Lodge in Windsor. Seriously, it’s gorgeous. Just look how gorgeous it is. Continue reading “POWS Conference 2013”