New PhD Blog – An Introduction

Hello! My name is Jess, and I’m a first-year PhD student in psychology at Leeds Metropolitan University. Broadly speaking, my research concerns discourse, feminism and work. Less broadly speaking I’m studying humour (in the form of Internet memes) and how this may affect the role of women in the IT industry. It’s okay, you don’t need to consider how these things link together, that’s my job. I’m sure it’ll be explained in the course of my thesis and this blog, so do keep popping back if you’re even slightly interested.

I started my research journey in October 2012, and when you consider that it’s now July 2013, I guess I’m a little late starting this blog! Better late than never I guess? Hopefully this blog will become a space for me to share my experiences as full time PhD student (who also teaches) and talk about my research. At the same time it will give me something that’s actually related to work to procrastinate with, which I’m sure can only be a positive thing. Better that I’m developing my ideas and writing here than looking at pictures of cats with funny captions, right? Oh wait no, that kind of is my research… for my first study anyway. Did I mention that I love my work?

Fingers crossed this blog will grow to be a useful outlet for me and my research, and a helpful resource for anyone who reads it. Feel free to follow my updates on Twitter, or subscribe to my posts via RSS. Wish me luck!

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