Memes, Memes Everywhere

I’ve been slack, busy with a million and one things, and blogging hasn’t been at the top of my to do list – sorry not sorry?

So my memes study is done and put to bed, and I thought I wouldn’t have to look at another meme in university for a while (yes, to the untrained eye I may look like I’m dicking about on the Internet, but it’s research, I swear…) – oh how wrong I was. Student elections were running a few weeks back, and look what greeted me in the hallways…

Election Poster Memes

That’s right. Memes, memes everywhere. Some more subtle than others (Doge speak, I’m looking at you), some riffing on catchphrases, others made entirely with image macro generators. I guess this has somehow validated my first study or something? You do go a bit weird when you feel like you have to justify to the umpteenth person why exactly you’ve spent a year looking at “funny” picures online. As an aside, those air quotes are for another, much angrier, blog post.

I’ve finished teaching for this semester so my next focus is the focus group studies (see what I did there?) – hopefully I’ll be able to share some recruitment information soon. I’m itching to get started! In the mean time I’m keeping busy with reading, writing a book review, extra-curricular gubbins and working on some conference papers for the next couple of months. Bit nervous, and I’m sure I’ll come here to let off steam again soon. Before I head off, I have a couple of questions on the off-chance that anyone apart from me is reading this –

Does your research seem to follow you around?

How do you fill your time in between studies? 

4 Replies to “Memes, Memes Everywhere”

  1. As I left University after my BA, I don’t really have research, but the work I’m trying to get in to, and what I write about, is Social Media, which in a way does follow me around, although that is more of my own fault.

    I’d love to hear what you said about Memes!

    1. Aw, thanks Liam. I’ll definitely be posting more about it in future so keep popping back. Good luck in Social Media, I imagine that’s a hard one to shut the door on!

  2. Does your research seem to follow you around?
    Yes. People even think it’s acceptable to ask about it. *sighs*

    How do you fill your time in between studies?

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