Retrospective: PhD Interview

September already? Really? Before I know it I’ll be back to teaching… I suppose it’s about time for a little more self-indulgent, reflexive babbling in that case. Following on quite neatly from my entry about the PhD application, I’m going to talk about my PhD interview. Continue reading “Retrospective: PhD Interview”

Retrospective: PhD Application

If I’d been more on the ball, I should have started this blog back in October when I started my PhD. I should have been blogging about all the little hurdles and formalities (PhD application, interview, confirmation, etc.), writing without a hazy, retrospective slant on things. However that didn’t happen, so now I’m left with a choice. Do I only blog about what’s going on right now, and not have a record of my first year? Or do I write a few catch up posts covering some of the stand out experiences so far? I think I’m going to go with the second option, and try my hardest not to bore any readers to tears. That said, blogs are allowed to be a little bit self indulgent… right? Maybe I should view this as a reflexive exercise. I enjoy things being in order, so we’ll start at the very beginning for this post. Continue reading “Retrospective: PhD Application”